Sire:  Am/Aust Ch Hercules of Parnassus
Imported USA - (Herc)
Ch Chilolo BD Hollywood Gold
19 December 2018
We are so excited to announce the arrival of 12 healthy babies from frozen semen by natural birth with no veterinary intervention on 19 December 2018.  The sire, Herc, was an amazing dog with a super temperament who produced so well and the mum is Holly who is the sweetest natured girl you could imagine.

This is a line bred litter as Holly is Herc's great granddaughter. The puppies are very healthy and are extremely advanced for their age. They were eating solid food at 2 weeks which is really early. We will watch this litter develop with great interest.
2 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks
Holly's puppies are growing very quickly. They are so advanced. I have never had a puppy who tries to drink from a big bucket at such a young age.  Holly is still feeding them but not for very long and she will soon have them fully weaned I think.
8 weeks
The puppies were vaccinated at 6 weeks of age and are now 8 weeks old and starting to leave for their new homes. We are so blessed to have such wonderful homes for them all.  
9 weeks
The babies at 9 weeks. No they are not fighting - they are just playing but they do look fierce!  

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