Supreme Ch Jelany Red Nikaya For Chilolo
Chilolo CD Tanami Taboo (AI)
Litter born Tuesday 5 November from Nikki and Taboo - Booniks MKII.   
This is a repeat breeding of the Booniks born just over a year ago.  
Taboo produced 6 puppies - 1 girl and 5 boys, all with glorious ridges and all doing really well.
10 days
10 days
4 weeks

Chilolo KHA Mlembwe Gold (AI)
Litter born Tuesday 12 November.  
Ditto produced a total of 14 puppies but unfortunately 1 was stillborn.  
She started at 4.30am and finished around 2pm with no veterinary intervention.  All with ridges and doing really well.
With large litters I take half away from the bitch and leave her with half so I am changing these babies over every 2 hours to make sure they all get a good start in life.  
Bandit is a liver nose and there are some liver nosed puppies in this litter.  Liver is a recessive gene and both sides have to carry it. It is quite acceptable in the breed standard.
1 day
1 day
1 day
2 weeks

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