Jess Hosking from Adelaide took this photo of her dogs and her partner Greg (he is the one on the left!!!)
Becky & Rosemary - Nov 2001
Emma with Ondo
Buddy & mouse
Alby - the footy fan
Jonty with Vicky
Macho - the chess player
Annie with her shoe
BJ with a puppy
BJ with a treasure
BJ with a kitten
BJ & Yogi after a hard day
Bosley in the sandpit
Broozer takes a sun bath
Where did it go ?
Aby with a newborn puppy
Getting comfortable
Sometimes things just don't go to plan
Cookie and Broozer
Brrrr - it's cold outside
Emma & Rebel - 1985
Macho says "Give me 5 !"
I'll catch it next time !
Don't forget us !
Sox in bed
15 Barry/Yogi babies
Relaxing in North Queensland
Yogi at the breakfast table
Office work in tiring!
Sam and the fox
I'm a baby too !
Comfy Didge
Biko at the table
Relaxing in the Queensland sun
Check back soon for more of our Fun Photos.

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